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Extras for your power generator

We offer a range of extras that may come in handy for your specific needs.

Note that all prices are inclusive of GST.

Parallel Cabling Kit

Join 2 of the EU10iT or 2 of the EU22iT generators or 2 of the EU30iK/EU30iS generators together for twice the power output.

Parallel capability is an additional benefit of inverter technology.

Using a special parallel patching kit, you can link two EU10It or two EU22iT generators together to get as much as double the power output. (You can only parallel two identical units together).   Also available to suit the larger two EU30 models, the EU30iK and EU30iS.

This gives you extra power when you need it, without having to trade up for a larger, heavier generator. You get more power without sacrificing portability.

Parallel cabling@4x.png
Wheel Kit

Wheel kits are available for the EG and EM series framed Honda generators.

Wheel kit@4x.png
Hook Kit
EU Service Kit

We offer for your convenience, service kits to suit the HONDA Inverter Generator models.


These service kits are sold as a whole and individual parts are not returnable or refundable.

Each kit includes:
  • Spark Plug

  • Air Filter

  • Fuel

  • Preservative 

  • 1L Oil


Fuel related

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