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*This is a Honda Dealer extended warranty period for items that are:

  • Purchased from a New Zealand Honda Dealer after 01/01/2013

  • Registered at the time of sale

  • Serviced by a Honda Dealer in accordance with the Honda service schedule using Genuine Honda parts and oil (proof required)

  • Meeting all other warranty requirements



The warranty applies to new purchased HONDA products identified by  the Frame Serial number and if not applicable, then Engine Serial number.

Your Warranty Registration Form is your identification for warranty service.

In order to be eligible for the HONDA limited warranty you must have,  maintenance performed according to the schedule contained in the  relevant owner’s manual supplied with your Honda Power Equipment  product, as supplied by an authorised HONDA dealer. HONDA will recognise  your statutory rights under the Consumers Guarantee Act 1993. In order  to ensure the safe operation of this product, we strongly recommend that  you only use an authorised HONDA dealer for servicing. Only authorised HONDA Dealers have access to all of the special tools and training  required to maintain your HONDA product in peak operating condition.


Power & Marine Limited warrants each new HONDA Engine or Honda  Power Product (the latter is refered to as a Honda complete built unit  or CBU), free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use  and routine servicing, for the warranty period specified. Conditional to  the limitations and exclusions listed below. The warranty schedule only applies to new HONDA products distributed in New Zealand by the Power Products Division of Power & Marine Limited.


The purchaser must keep a record of all service and maintenance  history as proof of servicing history. This may be requested when  assessing any future warranty claims.


To qualify for this HONDA Limited Warranty the warranty registration must be completed within ten (10) days, following the date of purchase.

The warranty registration must accompany the HONDA product when warrantable repairs are requested. If the warranty registration is lost  or destroyed, proof of purchase documentation clearly recognising the  engine serial number and or frame serial number as appropriate, in the  case of Honda CBU, shall be accepted for warranty purposes. Where  neither is available and Power & Marine Ltd does not have any record  of the purchaser’s details the warranty period shall be calculated from  the appropriate dealer wholesale sale date.


Any authorised HONDA Power Product dealer is further authorised to  repair or replace any part which proves defective within the limits of  this warranty at no charge to the owner, covering parts and labour.  Consumable items such as, but not limited to, oils, coolants, filter and  spark plugs shall be the responsibility of the owner. All defective  parts replaced under this warranty become the property of Power &  Marine Ltd. Transportation cost for the product either to or from an  authorized HONDA dealer is the responsibility of the owner.


In cases where HONDA engines are fitted to OEM equipment (other  manufacturer’s equipment), the HONDA engine maybe removed from the  equipment by the OEM retailer before delivery to an authorized HONDA  Engine or Power Equipment dealer for repair. The removal is not covered  by the limited warranty.




  • Any damage which results from neglect of periodic maintenance specified by Honda.

  • Any damage which results from repair or maintenance operations by methods other than specified by Honda.

  • Any product which has participated in a competition racing or rally event.

  • Any damage which results from misuse or use beyond the limitations  of the intended purpose specified by Honda, such as overloading, or use  under abnormal conditions.

  • Any damage which results from use of non-genuine parts, lubricant or fluid not approved by Honda.

  • Any damage resulting from modification or installation in other  products in a way not approved by Honda which has any influence on the  function and/or performance of the products.

  • Any damage which results from operation other than specified in the Owner’s Manual either intentionally or by error.

  • Fading of painted surfaces, deterioration of plated surfaces,  deterioration of rubber and plastics including, rusting due to the  passage of time.

  • Normal phenomena such as noise, vibration or oil seepage which are  considered by Honda as not affecting the quality, function or  performance of the product.

  • Any damage due to improper storage or transport.

  • Consumable replacement items: Spark plugs, contact points, shear  pins, fuel strainers, oil filter elements, air cleaner elements, brake  shoes or pads, clutch components, fuses, motor brushes, gaskets, tube or  hoses, belts, cutting blades, light bulbs, serviceable bearings.  Petroleum and others fluids: Oil, grease, battery electrolyte, and  radiator coolant. Other items specified by Honda.

  • Periodical maintenance items such as cleaning, inspection and adjustments.

  • Any repair and/or adjustment performed by persons other than an  authorised dealer, or damage resulting there from. As a rule warranty  shall not be applied to the repair or adjustment performed by persons  other than an authorised dealer.

  • Any repair and/or adjustment to correct improper or poor quality work previously performed.

  • Incidental expenses incurred in the warranty claim. For example:  additional expenses such as those for towing, communications, hotel and  meals, incurred due to breakdown of the product at a remote location.  Any expense related to personal injury and/or property damage,  (exclusive of the product itself). Compensation for loss of time,  commercial losses or rental costs of a substitute product during the  period of adjustment.

  • Any damage which results from unavoidable natural disasters, fire, collision, theft, etc.

  • Any normal wear or deterioration, such as that of sliding or  rotating parts caused under normal operating conditions. For example:  Normal wear to pistons, piston rings, cylinder bores, piston pins, valve  seats, stems and bearings.

  • Any damage resulting from exposure of the product to soot and smoke,  medicines and chemical agents, sea water, sea breeze, salt or other  environmental phenomena.




In the event you are faced with a manufacturing fault with youR Honda  product you can claim a repair or part replacement under warranty if  the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The problem is related to production quality or specifications of the engine

  • The engine is within the warranty period outlined in schedule

  • The issue does not fall within the warranty exclusions listed




Take your Honda engine or Honda Power Product to an authorised Honda Dealer.

Present the Warranty Registration or invoice document providing proof  of the date of purchase with reference to the product’s frame or serial  number as appropriate.


  • Domestic Use: Personal, residential or household use only.

  • Commercial Use: All uses other than domestic use, including use for income producing (including farming) or rental purposes.


NOTE: These warranty conditions apply to New Zealand only.

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