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EU Series generators represent the leading edge of portable power technology. Ranging from 1000 to 7000 watts, these totally enclosed, super quiet generators are ideal for recreational and home backup applications.


Honda has an unmatched reputation for reliable generators that offer dependable starting and keep on running year after year.


Honda Generators are made for true portability, from lightweight, easy to carry models such as the EU10 and EU20, to those with wheels and handles, such as the EU30 and EU70.



Honda's superior technology, with features such as Eco-Throttle TM, means increased fuel efficiency and longer run times.


Consistent delivery of clean power is possible with the Inverter regulation system of the Honda EU Generators.

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For global and social sustainability

Honda thinks it is important to understand what impacts companies have on the world's environment, society, and economy and to act based on this understanding. To benefit a greater number of customers, Honda will search for ways to enable the development of society in harmony with the environment

Honda environmental statement

"As a responsible member of society determined to help preserve the global environment Honda makes concentrated efforts to contribute to human health and preservation of the global environment in each phase of it's corporate activities and to stay at the forefront of such endeavours"

Honda was one of the first companies to take an aggressive approach to protecting the global environment. In the "Honda Environment Declaration" of 1992, Honda established a policy of contributing to the retention of personal health and preservation of the global environment at a world-class level in all of its corporate activities, and reducing the environmental load throughout the life cycle of all its products; (research & development, production, distribution, sales, servicing and disposal).

This has resulted in the ability to recycle 95% of the materials used in Honda power products, illustrating their comprehensive commitment to reducing environmental load.



Honda Advanced 4 Technology

Honda is dedicated to the challenge of applying new technologies and achieving top performance.Throughout the decades Honda has consistently designed and engineered 4-stroke technology that is without parallel.

They believe engines shouldn't just be built to perform - they should do so with maximum efficiency and economy. That's the Honda Advanced 4 Technology difference, and that's why more and more New Zealanders are choosing to upgrade to Honda.

The top ten reasons why it pays to upgrade to Advanced 4 Technology Honda:

'Starts first time' reliability, every time, year after year

Whisper-quiet operation.

Superior durability and longer life

Easy operation and manoeuvrability

Superior 4-stroke engineering that delivers plenty of torque and power

Outstanding fuel efficiency and no need to mix oil and petrol

Minimal pollution

Easy maintenance and long-term cost savings

Parts and service availability through Honda's extensive Dealer Network

Extensive warranties and piece of mind on all products



Honda Inverter Technology means stable, clean power in a smaller, lighter package. You can even operate the most sensitive electronics without fear of interruption.  Inverter technology is available on all 5 of our stocked EU series generators.

Computers and power-sensitive testing equipment require what is referred to as 'clean power'. Clean power is electrical current that is consistent and has a stable sine wave or signal.  If the lights or other basic appliances in your home were being powered by a generators and there was a fluctuation in the AXC power, you would probably see the lights flicker - no problem!  However, the same fluctuation can cause a power interruption that results in a loss of valuable work on your computer.

Honda engineers developed a revolutionary form of inverter technology. The process takes raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a special microprocessor.  This means you can operate a computer or other sensitive equipment in a remote location with even less possibility of interrupted service or damage to the equipment.  

Using inverter technology, Honda engineers have integrated parts from the engine and generator set, such as the combination flywheel/alternator. This results in a more compact and lighter product that is purpose-built to make clean, reliable power.

eco throttle@4x.png


Fuel economy and quiet operation are standard.

Honda's Eco-ThrottleTM system automoatically adjusts engine speed to the optimum level for the usage load, through a load-dependent electric governor.  This not only results in excellent fueld economy, but also makes a quiet generator even quieter. Eco-ThrottleTM is standard on all inverter models.

Fuel Injection Technology

For maximum fuel efficiency and increased realiability.

The EU70 provides super quiet, portable electronic fuel injection power suitable for various applications.  Smart electronic fuel injection technology elimiates the engine choke and reduces potential fuel associated carburettor problems while increasing fuel efficiency.

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